A biochemic medical system comprising 12 mineral salts. The biochemic system of medicine was created towards the end of the 19th century by Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, who concluded that if the body became deficient in essential minerals, this imbalance would cause health problems.


How to use tissue salts

Dr Schuessler identified 12 vital mineral – or tissue – salts essential for normal body function at a cellular level. He determined that imbalance in one or more of these salts led to specific health problems and diseases, but that balance could be restored by taking the necessary mineral element.

Tissue salts are taken in minute doses in the form of tablets, which are moulded rather than compressed so they can be dissolved under the tongue and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. They are prepared according to the homeopathic method of trituration (repeated mixing of the mineral salt with lactose in successive dilutions). However, biochemic remedies are distinct from homeopathic ones in that they’re homogenous (the same as) and are used to directly replace deficiencies in the cells, rather than heterogenous (diverse) and based on the ‘law of similarity’ and used to cure indirectly.

Tissue salts are generally taken in a 6x potency with a dosage of four tablets for adults and two tablets for children taken three times a day until the condition is cured. In acute cases, the remedy can be taken every half an hour until relief is obtained.

They may be taken individually or in combinations of usually two or three tissue salts. They can either be taken at the same time or in rotation (one after the other at different times of the day; eg, one type at breakfast and another at lunchtime). Alternatively, the most clearly indicated tissue salt can be taken first and then others can be taken once the work of the first seems to be complete (that is, symptoms are relieved).

After serious or long-term illness, the body is quite often depleted in more than one tissue salt so it’s not unusual to need to take several. There’s no harm in taking more than one at a time, as the body excretes any surplus.

There are usually no side effects, but symptoms sometimes get worse for a short period as the remedies begin to take effect. Improvement is usually noted within the first few weeks of treatment. If symptoms persist, consult a qualified practitioner or your GP.

This article was last medically reviewed by Dr Stephen Hopwood in April 2009.

First published in October 2002.