Acupressure Points 

 What is it?

Use this self-help tool to relieve headaches and nausea. Following the same principles as acupuncture, this simple self-help technique can be used to relieve headaches and nausea.Acupressure involves applying pressure with the fingertips or thumb on points along the body’s acupuncture meridians.

It’s believed to balance the flow of vital energy (‘chi’) and promote health. It’s quick, easy, safe and an effective self-help tool for relieving common ailments.

How to do it

1. Locate the point with your finger or thumb. This can be any tender point or an acupoint from an acupressure book (see our reading list for suggestions).

2. Apply pressure perpendicularly to the point or by making small rotations.

3. Release the pressure.

4. Repeat this touch-press-release sequence for another 30 seconds.

Repeat the whole sequence two or three times a day until you feel better.

Headache cure

Apply acupressure to the point ‘large intestine 4’. This is located on the hands at the end of the crease when the index finger and thumbs are closed together.

Nausea cure

Apply acupressure to the point ‘pericardium 6’. This is on the inside of the wrists, three finger widths above the first wrist crease and in the middle of the two tendons.

Please note: every effort has been made to ensure that the information and guidelines in these lists was correct at the time of launch (October 2002). However, information and recommendations change periodically in the light of new findings and best use may vary from person to person. Therefore it’s always advisable to consult a qualified practitioner for advice.

This article was last medically reviewed by Dr Stephen Hopwood in April 2009.