Cancer Conference Nov 17th 2012

The conference will span two days, the weekend of Nov 17th 18th 2012 and be in the Civic Hall Totnes.

The Saturday will be a day of medical and PhD doctors and nurses speaking on natural health cultivation principles and practises.

The Sunday will be a day of doctors, non-medically trained practitioners and cancer survivors, but will feature Dr Rosy Daniel giving a 3 ½ hr workshop on her acclaimed “Health creation Programme”.

The conference is an open event, designed for both the general public, complementary practitioners and the medically qualified.

Cost £35 per day or £7 per lecture.

Saturday Full Day Ticket £35

Sunday Full Day Ticket £35

Saturday Single Lecture Ticket £7

Sunday Single Lecture Ticket £7

Dr. Rosy Daniel workshop £20

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One Day Ticket SUNDAY 18th NOVEMBER

Totnes Cancer Care Conference – “Treating People not Cancer.”

Saturday 17th November 9am – 6pm – TOTNES CIVIC HALL

9.00 am Introduction and context with Dr Stephen Hopwood MB ChB

9.30 am Dr Robert Verkerk. Phd. “The global alliance for natural health campaign – our aims and ambitions.”

10.30 am Dr Claudius Van Wyk Phd “A paradigm shift in consciousness and a new way of being healthy.”

11.30 am Dr Julian Kenyon MB ChB “How my research, acupuncture and the 1939 Cancer Act all inter-relate.”

12.30 pm Over .Lunch … Professor Dr Michael Baum – a pre recorded approved powerpoint video presentation “The breast cancer mammography screening programme – some seriously inconvenient truths.”

1.15 pm – Dr Sarah Myhill MBBS – A personal video to the conference from her holistic medical practice.
“How to get healthy and keep it that way – using natural health development principles.”

2.00 pm Barbara Wren – Nutritionalist “Cellular awakening and how to be health naturally in a toxic world.”

3.00 pm Patricia Peat RGN – Founder of Cancer Options – “The case for the integrative oncology approach.”

4.00 pm Dr Patrick Kingsley MBBS “Asking the question WHY and building our health intelligently.”

5.00pm Dr Etienne Callebout MD “Working with the patients and doctors in an integrative approach.”

15 min Video address – as unable to attend as unwell in a hospital in Thailand.

5.15 pm Dr Damien Downing MBBS – 45 min video presentation – “The Cambridge Institute of Complementary

Health Cancer Convention – the aims of our newly formed British Integrative Oncology Society.

6.00pm Close with Dr. Stephen Hopwood.

Sunday 18th November 9am – 6pm – TOTNES CIVIC HALL

9.00 am Introduction and context with Dr Stephen Hopwood MB ChB – “ Treating people not cancer.”

9.15 am Dr Robert Verkerk Phd – “A turning point for the future of freedom of choice in natural health care.”

10.15 am Dr Patrick Kingsley MBBS “Natural health cultivation of our nervous, hormonal and immune systems.”

11.15 am Robin Daly from “Yes to life” talks about “The aims and principles of our national cancer care charity.”

12.15 am Kevin Wright. “A educated father takes a good hard look at the dietary advice in our NHS hospitals.”

1.15 pm Over Lunch … “A passionate patient tells her story of how she fought to live well with cancer.”

2.15 pm – 5.45pm Dr Rosy Daniel MB BCh in person will offer a special 3 and ½ hour workshop at the Totnes Cancer Care Conference on her acclaimed Health Creation Programme which is seminar aimed at anyone with a desire to improve their overall health and state of well-being, with the inspirational guidance of its author Dr Rosy Daniel. By the end of the afternoon you will have become clearer about your current health state and needs and will have formed your first Health Creation Goals.
Dr Rosy Daniel is a highly experienced integrative holistic physician. This is an unprecedented opportunity to grasp some fundamentally important principles and practises in natural health creation that will provide a long term and realistic protocol for sustainable health. – Not to be missed !

6.00 pm Close with Dr. Stephen Hopwood.

This speaker itinerary may change before the conference begins so please call 01803 868282 for updates.

 Dear Conference Speakers and supporters,

Dr. Kate James is unable to come due to overwhelming family commitments,
Dr. Damien Downing had a prior engagement but offers his recent power point
video which is the same presentation he would have given anyway, Dr Etienne
Callebout is unwell in hospital in Thailand but has a short video we can
show and Dr Andre Young Snell has had to take up an offer of working with
an Italian Professor on some Vit D3 precursor. But Dr Rosy Daniel has
stepped in to run an afternoon workshop on the Sunday so the balance has
been restored.
I am very happy with the list of speakers, videos and information spectrum
that will be on offer to the public over the weekend of the conference and sincerely hope it
will go a long way to educating people and to uniting the various UK groups
and individuals who are working towards the same goal of creating
sustainable health in our communities by natural means.
The event is sponsored by The Arcturus Clinic Community Interest Company and proceeds will go to support including the “Health without wealth” community support fund.

The conference will not offer treatments for cancer or offer advice in connection with the treatment of cancer but will concentrate on the principles and practises of building natural health and immunity of all people including those with cancer.

The vision is to bring most importantly doctors of like mind together to speak and present in public and integrate the understanding and develop awareness in the media and medical establishment to the necessity of investing in natural ways to promote health and generate well-being.

Conventional western medicine in my experience seems to offer little in the way of natural health cultivation or support for patients’ immunity. However it seems more and more medical doctors are becoming open to practising complementary and nutritional medicine and understand the links between chronic disease, environmental toxicity and physiological deficiency syndromes.

Many doctors agree, a robust immunity is a potential defence against most chronic disease and we consider developing a naturally supported immunity before, during and after having diagnosis of chronic disease is vital and yet this approach is often ignored, marginalized and even ridiculed.

The main aim of the conference is to make the point that … ” Natural health cultivation using supplements, nutritional therapy and complementary medicine is both scientific and rational and needs to be seriuosly considered by the establishment and the media and implemented by the NHS before, during and after a diagnosis of chronic disease and should be used as an accepted adjunct to conventional pharmaceutical medicine.”

It’s not really a political issue in my mind it is a health issue and insufficient is being done to cultivate the health of patients especially those with cancer.

If people want to know what the top alternative doctors from around the country are saying on the issue of health development and health support for those people suffering with cancer then this will be one of the top conferences held anywhere in the UK to date.

To view the speaker list please click here

The Totnes Cancer Care Conference on Nov 17th/18th 2012 from 9am – 6pm in the Civic Hall Totnes, Devon.


Dr Stephen Hopwood