Dr Robert Verkerk

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr Robert Verkerk back to Totnes to speak again.

Below is an exert from his website showing the excellent work that he is doing to preserve and protect natural medicine and natural health.

Welcome to the new Alliance for Natural Health website, launched in June 2008.  We urge you to study our campaigns with a view to you helping us to help shape a future healthcare system that is better adapted to the various life stages of the human being–with its diverse genotypes— that in turn is exposed to contrasting and often changing environments.

We are facing an important crossroads in the way our species chooses to manage its own health. Healthcare cultures that have survived and evolved over many thousands of years, such as Ayurveda, Unani, Traditional Chinese Medicine and many others are now critically at risk from the actions of over-zealous regulators—spurred on by Big Pharma and Big Food interests, as well as by elements of the medical establishment.

In just 50 years, we have seen a titanic development of drug-based medicine, built on a platform of patented, new-to-nature molecules. This chemical approach to medicine parallels the prophylactic use of pesticides that created widespread ecological problems back in the 1950s through to the 1970s and consumers saw fit to push for more environmentally-friendly approaches that continue to be supported by good science. This culminated in the widespread acceptance of organic and other forms of ecologically-orientated farming which were seen as more acceptable and sustainable than chemical-intensive, agri-business farming methods.

At the ANH, we are working hard to bring a diverse range of interests together to help stimulate a transition in healthcare that parallels that seen in agriculture, the energy industry and other industries that have been found to be unsustainable. The bickering between the orthodox medical and alternative medicine factions has not served us well and, if anything, has deepened the resolve of both parties.

Our Sustainable Healthcare approach helps to provide a framework that we believe can help us with this transition—that we profoundly believe we owe to future generations.

We hope you will enjoy our new website, please inform yourself about our campaigns and participate in the forums and express your opinions.

Most importantly get involved if you believe this cause is worthwhile.

Yours in health, naturally

Dr Robert Verkerk

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