Dr Patrick Kingsley

Dr Patrick Kingsley is an extremely experienced, wise and compassionate complementary holistic physician. His insights and modern perspectives. Below is an exert from his website which I recommend you visit as it is packed with health cultivation techniques and practises. We will make full advantage of his visit as he has offered to speak on both days.

The New Medicine

Overcoming any disease without drugs or surgery
As a fully qualified doctor, I eventually got to the point in my practice where I felt there had to be a better way. While the drugs I prescribed were making people feel a little better, nobody was actually being cured.

I didn’t come into medicine to make people comfortable. I wanted to be a healer.

So I started to explore ways of healing without drugs or surgery. I tested what I discovered on myself until I felt happy that I could offer this to my patients.

That was 30 years ago. In that time I have seen – and treated – thousands of ‘incurables’.

People with end-stage cancers, multiple sclerosis (MS) and other terrible diseases found their way to my surgery in a tiny village in the heart of England.

I’ve put all that I know into a book – The New Medicine – which you can buy on this website. You can also see on other pages my approach to specific conditions.

My thousands of patients are living testament that there is a better way.

I hope The New Medicine becomes an inspiration in your life and your healing.

Dr Patrick Kingsley

Dr Kingsley Introduction from Dr Kingsley TV on Vimeo.