About us

Welcome to Totnes Cancer Care Centre – “Treating people not Cancer.”

In response to the alarming global increase in cancer rates (Now rising to 1: 3 ) and the lack of constructive health cultivation information available in the public domain, we have expanded our services to offer some much needed complementary health support to people suffering with cancer.

We don’t treat cancer, nor do we treat people for cancer, however we do offer to supprt people with cancer to support their health and wellbeing, using established complementary medicine,well founded on good science, extensive research and rational analysis.

The practice of conventional medicine is to focus on treating the pathology of cancer rather than on treating the health of the person. Pharmaceutical medicine treats cancer almost exclusively with radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgery. It is also an established medical fact that these medical treatments can dramatically weakened and cause severe dysfunction in our immune systems, compromising significantly the body’s natural capacity to self-regulate and self-heal.

There is though a new and evolving understanding, treatment ethos and natural system of prevention of immune system deficiency which increasing numbers of qualified and registered medical doctors are supporting and advocating. We believe in using these core principles and practices to strengthening health and well-being.

Our Totnes Clinic approach is this new form of integrated specialised treatments designed physiologically to cultivate health. Our people-centred approach is built upon providing understandable practical knowledge, emotional support and redeveloping the body’s natural capacity to restore good health and thrive.

At The Cancer Care Centre

We are a broad-based team of practitioners with an exceptional depth of experience, brought together by mutual understanding of core principles of generating good health. We aim to look after all aspects of being human – physical, nutritional, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. We focus on offering the complementary medicine means for restoring and maintaining natural health – empowering people to take informed actions.

Dr. Stephen Hopwood offers 20 years of experience as a Medical Doctor, Holistic Physician and Chinese Medical Practitioner. Barbara Wren has over 30 years experience as a Holistic Clinician and director of a national school of nutrition and is a best-selling international author with her acclaimed book “Cellular Awakening”.

This thoroughly well grounded and integrated approach makes The Totnes Cancer Care Centre – “Treating people not cancer” – a powerful and unique Devon resource, showing another way.

Our Totnes Approach – Caring for the health of people with cancer.

We will support you to establish your individual needs, build a personal programme and refer you to appropriate practitioners, support groups and information resources.

Our Totnes Approach is simple yet profound.

  • We offer people nutritional support and dietary advice.

  • We recommend taking specific mineral and vitamin supplements. – for correct physiological functioning.

  • We offer ways of supporting the body by clearing toxicity – as embodied chemicals can be harmful.

  • We give recommendations for maintaining the body’s pH acid/alkaline balance in the normal healthy range by eating an alkalising diet.

  • We offer support with a range of exercise, relaxation and meditation.

  • We offer emotional support, peer group support and carer/family support – to meet our human needs.

  • We offer education, information and life re-evaluation; because we all have a lot to learn.

Our Totnes approach is implemented by offering a range of health care services.

We offer regular weekly healthcare support workshops led by experienced practitioners. These offer peer group/emotional support and provide a forum to learn about the best practices and techniques.

Totnes Cancer Care weekly workshops“Treating people not Cancer”, are designed for both patient and carer and offer a significant opportunity to deepen your understanding of healthy ways forward and various means of supporting your mind, emotions and body.

Our Totnes Cancer Care supported Conferences – “Treating people not Cancer” – are an exciting opportunity to learn from exceptional national and international speakers and are intended to expand our knowledge base, consolidate mutual understanding and build an integrated network of like-minded professionals.

Our website articles and videos present you with a comprehensive understanding of both ancient and modern complementary medical approaches to health cultivation showing you how the holistic perspective is indeed well founded in good science, extensive research and rational analysis. With study and support, the picture of how to build good health becomes clear and you can begin to trust what to do and why to do it – all of which will increase your ability to return to sustainable health.

The Arcturus Complementary Health Centre kindly hosts our Wednesday 12 – 2 pm weekly workshop space for free.

The centre is situated in Totnes, Devon, a town with a longstanding innovative and creative history of expanding consciousness with a now global recognition for the promotion of transition to a future of resilient sustainable communities.

Our particularly unique contribution to this process is the understanding of the fundamental core principles of holistic health cultivation. We believe this is an evolutionary step in sustainable health and forms an indispensable foundation for personal and community health development and empowerment.

The Totnes Cancer Care Centre – “Treating people not Cancer”. With weekly workshops, conferences and specialist consultants, the TCC centre is a new vital community resource with its own website.

Welcome to Totnes Cancer Care – “Treating people not Cancer”.

We will do all we can to help.