12 days to change medical history’ on Change.org

Update about ‘Jeremy Hunt, Department of Health:

HUGE thank you to everybody who has signed this petition to ensure the Government enact a new law on medical innovation.

We want, and need, medical innovation to be easier for doctors.

**Today The Telegraph feature Prof David Walker, Paediatric cancer specialist at Nottingham University and the Nottingham Children’s hospital. He wants to see more and better therapies added to the armoury of paediatric cancer treatments, to sae the lives of more children and is frustrated by the obstacles that block the path to new cures.

Read the feature here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/saatchi-bill/10763909/Saatchi-Bill-This-isnt-quackery-its-good-practice.html

This morning we have hit 9,000 signatures – but we need more in order to ensure this Bill becomes law.

Please forward this email to one of your friends and ask them to sign the petition.

This Bill is for all diseases, for all patients.

It is for everybody.

With thanks and gratitude,

Liz, Dom and the Saatchi Bill Team