Our Totnes Approach:

 The Protocol of the Totnes Cancer Care  – Treating People Not Cancer.

Totnes Cancer Care is a non profit making organisation that provides a free weekly support group and up to date information for people suffering from cancer.

We do not sell or suggest products to buy nor do we offer therapist treatments, we do though offer a free group space where people can meet, share and receive support on how to cultivate their health naturally.

We don’t offer to treat cancer or to treat people for cancer but we do treat people with cancer to support their general heath and well being using our Totnes approach. We will try to explain some of the principles here.

One of the most important aspects of any health cultivation process is that the person has all of the information to help them feel empowered to take back their health responsibility. This supports them to maximise their own health potential from within.

The support groups are from 12 noon til 2pm each Wednesday and are kindly hosted at the Arcturus Clinic in the ‘Open space group room’, at 47 Fore Street Totnes TQ9 5NJ 01803 868282

Nutrition and Health

Nutrition has been seriously corrupted both in its information base as well as in the contamination of our foods.

We will endeavour to look at the more true story of nutrition which has been partially denied to people, realizing its function is to keep us healthy in our position between heaven and earth without disease and stress.

The Test Tube idea.

It can be useful to look at the body as a test tube, as embarking on treatment is like doing a scientific experiment. Certain conditions need to be taken into account as they influence the outcome of the experiment.

If a chemist were conducting a test tube experiment then they would be aware of the influence on the outcome of the chemical process of, water, pH, temperature, O2 and toxicity. So we too should also be mindful of the influence of these things on our bio-chemistry.

The levels of hydration.

Any kind of stress from whatever source, worry, electromagnetic, poor diet, suppressive treatments to mention just a few will be registered in the physical body as dehydration. when the body has felt the result of dehydration for two years then the body will create a feeling of stress from within. So we have stress causing dehydration and then dehydration causing stress. This leads to a catch twenty two situation which we see manifested in all deep disease pictures.

When the body becomes dehydrated, it starts to make cellular changes as a means of defence. So what kind of things are we likely to notice within our story as indicators of dehydration?

The first thing that takes place when dehydration arises is a disconnection from the higher aspects of ourselves. This can manifest as a loss of direction in life, an inability to escape from a repeatedly stressful situation or a loss of creativity and motivation. for some people it can mean having enough energy to go to work during the day but then being so tired and unmotivated that they eat a takeaway meal after work and spend the evening slumped in front of the television.

When these kinds of things arise it means that dehydration is in place and this often means a disconnection of some kind from our higher aspects and therefore from our potential.

This shows how we need to address deep hidden stresses which  are carried in an unresolved state. Our help through TCC will involve recommending different supportive approaches to address these situations.


The pH of the body.

Changes of the body pH are usually quite easy to spot. they often manifest as aching or headaches, both of which are signs that the pH of the blood has fallen. This is usually due to a lack of alkalising foods or alkalising (relaxing) activities, but can be equally caused by thinking too many acidic/stressful thoughts.

Our thoughts and emotions have a particularly strong influence on our body pH. The more stressed we are, the more dehydrated we will be and therefore the more acidic we will be.

Disease will tend to manifest less in an alkaline body. All of the metabolic processes in the body will contribute to acidity being formed, but we are alkaline beings so we need to pay attention to all aspects of our nutrition to enable our body to return to alkaline by waking time in the morning. Our blood must always be slightly alkaline otherwise we get unwell.

At the TCC we will show people diets to suit their own story so that they can work towards maintaining alkaline tissues. Our body has to produce hydrogen ions in order to reduce acidity, so we choose diets which don’t over challenge the need for the hydrogen ions as an acidic person has few to spare. This will be explained further.

The Temperature of the Body.

As people become more toxic, there is always a reduction in body temperature. Likewise, a course of antibiotics will bring about a loss of heat from the body. A lower body temperature means that the energy needed to raise the temperature to the level of a flamboyant fever is too great and so people become less capable of manifesting acute illnesses.

In very deep stories such as with ME and AIDS, there is always a lower than normal body temperature. It is also not unusual to find a drop in temperature after the administration of a lot of vaccines. Fortunately we have and use techniques that can raise the body temperature and recreate the heat needed to burn off toxicity and empower immunity.

The amount of light holding potential of the body and oxygen availability.

People talk loosely about the light body within us, but nutrition has never shown us how to create and expand this extremely important part of our physical body. The photons of light have to congregate round our cell membranes in order to attract the oxygen to the cell. This is particularly important in chronic disease as the cells have started to function more an aerobically and there is little light surrounding the cells.

So the nutritional approach needs to influence the hydration, pH and temperature of the whole body to change the cellular function and allow maximum oxygen to the cells.

We know that where there is fermentation e.g. Candida it is a manifestation of the cell needing more glucose to produce energy as the cell cannot attract the oxygen to produce its ATP (energy). This needs to be reversed as chronically diseased cells can show 20% oxygen usage to 80% glucose, where as an extremely healthy cell can show 80% oxygen to 20% glucose in order to produce the ATP the energy source of the body.

How the routes of elimination are operating.

If we are asking the body to become well. this requires a fair amount of energy in order to bring about the necessary movement for cleansing, balancing and purification. Usually this energy comes from the body itself, but if someone is ill or overtired, their ability to bring forth extra energy is often impaired. This is where de-toxification techniques can be extremely useful.

With techniques, we are either wanting to create movement in stagnant areas, or we are wanting to bring heat to cold areas, or we are just wanting to bring more energy to a particular area where energy is very low.

Using careful selection and a holistic understanding, we can employ techniques to provide that much needed energy to start creating movement. Even more importantly, the following techniques can be utilized to ensure that any stagnation or toxicity which starts to be released continues to move all of the way out of the body.

The techniques vary greatly, as each targets a particular area of the body or supports a particular process. However, they all have a common goal: to help the body achieve balance in areas where it is struggling. They enable us to access any part of the body and offer it some assistance.

When employing techniques, it is important to be sympathetic to what you are asking the body to do. It is all too easy, with over-enthusiasm, to make too many changes without considering what the consequences of those changes might be. When the body is not healthy, it is basically under functioning and therefore all of its systems are in some way impaired. To start shifting excessive amounts of stagnation or toxicity and to expect theses impaired systems to cope with this extra workload on their own is unrealistic. Patience is required if you want to bring your own body back to health.

You must endeavour to release a manageable amount of toxicity when you begin changing your diet and life- style. Also, it is important to ensure that the toxicity moves through all of the levels of detoxification and out of the body. This can be managed with the aid of techniques.

Once you have released the initial toxicity from the body and it is in a slightly improved state of health, you can then re-evaluate the situation and perhaps undergo further treatment and managed elimination. This is where listening to your body becomes vitally important. It needs to be gradually returned to balance rather than overloaded with mobilized toxicity. The release of toxicity is on all levels of stress from spiritual down to the physical manifestation.


The focus of the diet will be to correct the test tube conditions i.e. hydration, pH, temperature, light storage and protection, oxygen availability and usage.

Conditions have changed so much in the last twenty years, fermentation has become an ever increasing problem. If we go back to the situation at cellular level where the energy is produced 80% from glucose and 20% only from oxygen we know fermentation is a great problem as the 80% glucose usage is supporting this condition. So diets must emphasis pH changes to alkaline and must also eradicate fermentation.

Grains have also become an increasing problem, forty years ago it may have been effective to just eliminate wheat, then subsequently gluten had to be removed. Now all grains may pose a problem both in supporting the fermentation can also unbroken down complex carbohydrates the di-saccharides which can pass through a porous small intestine and effect brain function.

In the mental health conditions we will also pay close attention to the health of the blood – brain barrier. Here at the TCC we will look in detail at all the different approaches and the possible deficiencies.

Please come along to one of our free support groups and speak with Barbara Wren on the 1st Wednesday of every month and she will explain more how these principles expand into practical ways of eating and supplementing your diet with natural medicines.